Brand Life Cycle supported by Brand Experience Design

I formulated the BX Model to build a brand based on understanding the brand, market, target, and culture by utilizing the Recognition Process, Perception Process, Decision Making Process, Decoding Process, and Trending Process. The BX model is the foundation for my design and teaching philosophy, ‘The Design is Logical Sensitivity.’ 

To brand a product or service, it needs a practical design and marketing system, Brand Experience Design. Through various complicated processes, brand design stimulates consumers’ five senses and motivates consumer behavior. For instance, to encourage people, we need to know their personality and background to understand how to communicate effectively with them. Likewise, brands vary depending on the characteristics and historical context they have. Also, it is essential to have a differentiation to be one step ahead of other brands. Thus, consumers can recognize that brand easily compared to others.

Consumers comprehend the information related to the brand in terms of the sense of sight, hear, touch, taste, and smell. In most cases, brand design applies the five senses altogether; however, the knowledge of vision is preferred the most since people comprehend information through sight. 

We cannot expect all musicians to be Mozart. Likewise, we cannot expect all designers to become BX designers. BX designers need an artistic sense and sensible intuition to analyze and execute the strategy and formalization. Moreover, they need to have an ability to consider consumers’ behaviors towards the brand. A BX designer who has all these skills is the most suitable designer to build powerful brands.

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