Event Brand Identity for United Designs Alliance


Beautiful island revisited

Jeju is the most beautiful island in Korea. It’s known for its beach resorts, volcanic landscape, fresh seafood, outdoor activities, and exotic natural environment. The organizer wants to emphasize the feelings of the location with the event. UDA celebrates the exhibition with 120 designers from 30 nations. 

Event Signature Mark: A typeface for the event, Binario, designed by Donald Tarallo


The apparent evidence

The color gradient is the key visual element of the event identity. The landscape of water and lava rocks is the apparent evidence for the spirit of the Jeju. The water waves and rock formation are the key elements of the identity mark. 


The modern representation of Jeju

The event celebrated by the locals. During the exhibition period, many local people visited the show and enjoyed the modern representation of the event identity realizing its international identification. They proudly host the exhibition and promoted by local newspapers and television stations. 

United Designs Alliance

Responsibilities: consulting, research, concept, logo design, photography, typography, pattern design, image correction, color correction, layout design, comprehensive design, production design, pre-press, and press-check