Albert Young Choi, PhD

Designer & Artist
Professor, Hanyang University
President Emeritus, United Designs Alliance

“I always define design and strategy as aesthetically and intellectually fascinating art that communicates an idea, service, or product to an appropriate target audience and is part of the business identity and cultural value.”

Who are CHOI and Associates?

CHOI and Associates are a team of designers from around the world who have passion and a sense of creativity & culture. When I analyze and realize the project’s guidelines, I assign and collaborate with the appropriate Creative Associates to meet the project’s goal. Thus, Associates and I are equally essential partners in solving the problem.

How we work together as partners

Building a Trust

Our initiative process is to understand the problem by utilizing several methods to explore possibilities with codependency between a brand, market, and target.

Strategy and Creativity

Our process, Creative Design Thinking, is based on utilizing Brand Life Cycle under consumer behaviors and positioning.

Result-driven Solution

The ultimate goal of our partnership is not just to get a profit in the market but also in the long term we want to influence the culture.

Reliable Business Partners

We share a mutual goal with our clients and achieve our goals together. As we are essential for our clients, we build trust and worth.

About Albert Young Choi

Dr. Albert Young Choi is the founder and President Emeritus of the United Designs Alliance (UDA), an International Design Association, and is a professor of Brand Design and Experience Design at Hanyang University ERICA campus. He served as Associate Vice-President of the Office of International Affairs and Dean of the International Institute of Education. He has been appointed as an honorary professor at Shanghai Normal University in China and is cooperating with the next generation of design education in Asia. He was an assistant professor at the University of North Texas (UNT) and taught visual communication design at the California State University Fullerton (CSUF). Before becoming an educator, he was a designer at COY Los Angeles, an internationally known design company based in Los Angeles. He has carried out various design projects for local, national, and global consumers in the United States, Korea, and China to achieve successful results. He is also the author of “Brand Design: Communication Design for Branding” and “Culture Code Brand Design Methodology (CCBD). He completed a National Research Project, ‘National Standard Street Name Sign and Building Number Sign System,’ in conjunction with the New National Address System. Also, Albert is the author of “Hangeul-Gak,” exploring the beauty and utilization of Hangeul through his design style, collection, and experimental typography. He designs original typefaces and uses them for various innovation design projects. Leading international design organizations and competitions recognized his achievements in analyzing and studying visual language and culture through collaborating design and strategy. The US Library of Congress preserves his designs as important permanent collections.

After establishing the Conceptor Model (2006), Brand Design Model (2005), Culture Code Brand Design (CCBD) Model (2017), Decoding (2017), Design Formalization (2002), Design-based Learning (2006), Hangeul-Gak Methodology (since 2003), Typo-Image Methodology (1999), he applied these models to designs and to teachings. 

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