A Study on the Brand Association by Bilingual Typefaces

Choi, A. Y. (2018). A Study on the Brand Association by Bilingual Typefaces. Journal of Brand Design Research, 16-4, 151-160.

Brand Design Association of Korea (BDAK)


This study aims to clarify the relationship between typefaces and brand association in brand design using bilingual. Based on this, a survey of the Chinese consumers was conducted, suggesting the direction of necessary bilingual fonts.

This study’s research method was compiled from the literature review on the brand association, and typography as the theoretical background then formulated and surveyed to find a research result. The study’s scope referred to the type classification in selecting fonts with a formal system suitable for words. The survey was conducted for a week in Shanghai, China, from June 20 to 28. The data collected by the survey were coded using the Microsoft Excel program, which analyzed for significant confidence (p<0.05) in the questions by conducting frequency analysis and chi-square analysis using the SPSS program.

In this survey, women in their 20s in Shanghai, China, have summarized the bilingual type mix’s direction and importance in understanding the brand. The same choice of coherent subjects from various questions shows the high reliability of the survey. Furthermore, the study indicated that the bilingual type mix survey is valid.

This survey-based research is the fundamental study of the bilingual type mix method, which is the essential study of brand design needed to build brands entering other cultures. To enhance this research’s completeness, the researcher will conduct a survey of consumers in various cultures as a follow-up study. 

Keywords: Bilingual, Brand Association, Typeface

Research method and test groups

Survey result and bilingual type mix preferences

Brand Design Model

Brand Design Book