Building Number Signs & Wayfinding for
Seocho-gu Regional Government


Exclusive designs 

Seocho-gu invited me to design building number signs exclusively for Seocho-gu based on the national standard proposal that I have developed. And Seocho-gu is home to the Supreme Court, a prominent government organization, with a wide variety of cultural and commercial districts. 


Customizing the face

First, I experimented with various manufacturing techniques and set limits on the design that I utilized Aluminum inkjet printing technology, a new technology with the most efficient and cost-beneficial manufacturing. The unique shape of building number sign symbolizes happiness, and the number letterforms, set up to four digits, have developed to locate the building most efficiently. To facilitate the production of building number signs, I used Adobe Illustrator and CAD programs to provide the shape, layout, color, and typography for the production templates. Importantly, I designed a numeric font with unique letterforms for collaborating the city brand identity. 


Happy for residents

The building owners proudly installed the building number signs. Over time, people are becoming familiar with the building number signs with the surrounding visuals.

Seocho-gu Building Number Sign System

Seocho-gu Wayfinding for FIT

Photography Gallery

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