The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

A virtual lecture on March 18, 2021

About CEAS

CEAS began in 1962 as the East Asian Studies program, building on more than sixty years of research and teaching on China, Japan, and Korea at the UW-Madison. Over the years, it has grown from fewer than a dozen faculty members teaching thirty graduate-level courses to more than seventy faculty members teaching nearly three hundred courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) connects East Asia to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. One of the UW-Madison’s eight federally funded National Resource Centers, CEAS, is dedicated to all aspects of research, education, and outreach related to China, Japan, and Korea.

Thursday, March 18
Invited Lectures by The Center for East Asian Studies
Institute for Regional and International Studies
The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Integrated Design: Korea Prepares for the New Millennium


In South Korea, the street address system, which had been irregular for over a century, was reorganized in 2007. Dr. Albert Young Choi, professor of Brand Design and Experience Design at Hanyang University, will discuss how South Korea’s street name and building number signs, the leading cause of visual pollution in irregular and indiscriminately disturbed environments, have evolved into a more systematic and efficient national standard design. His research provides clear and easy-to-understand information guidance to reduce wayfinding time, congestion, and logistics costs. Moreover, his Korean beauty and sensibility designs show a unique and differentiated aesthetic. After completing his research in 2008, his design has improved Korea’s street environment, had a lasting impact on the environment, and helped build and enhance Korea’s national image.

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