6th Global Visual Culture Symposium

A virtual event, October 13th, 2021


We are connected as human beings in many different ways, but the essential connection among people is communication-based visuals. Over our human history, we have created visuals to share the similarity and to differentiate the dissimilarity. Those historical artifacts become cultural icons for the particular culture, nation, and race. We as humans have created visuals to decorate these artifacts; the artifacts are the visuals. Even in today’s complicated network of people, fundamental communication never will change the visuals that we understand. The Global Visual Culture Symposium (GVC Symposium) gathers educators, practitioners, researchers, thinkers, and students in the visual communication design disciplines. We share our thoughts and find our communication for our generation and beyond.

Event Schedule

Mediator: Robert Hower
UDA Vice President of Design Education
Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Arlington

Together in Sport: A Graphic Design Case Study from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Agora
by Kelly Salchow MacArthur
President of United Designs Alliance
Professor of Graphic Design at Michigan State University

Augmented Reality for Packaging: Exploring Identities. 
by Linh Dao
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at California Polytechnic State University

Exploring the Beauty of Korea Utilizing “Hangeul-Gak” Typography
by Dr. Albert Young Choi
Emeritus President of United Designs Alliance
Professor of Communication Design at Hanyang University ERICA, Korea

Wednesday, October 13 at 11:00 pm KST
6th GVC Symposium

Exploring the Beauty of Korea Utilizing “Hangeul-Gak” Typography


Letters are an essential element of typography that gives meaning to humanity as symbols. These symbols become sounds and transmit to the flow of air. In a while, the sounds remain as a picture and become a memory.

I explored Hangeul typography for the last three decades and found the Hangeul-Gak style, which is the critical style of my design and art. Hangul-gak is the expression of Hangeul itself, in which letters become sounds but become pictures and symbols. Hence, the picturesque representation of Hangeul-gak typography designs emphasizes Korea’s unique culture’s identity and creates a new form and style. Therefore, I am pleased to show my past and present Hangeul-Gak typography experiments in the presentation. 

I continue experimenting with Hangeul-gak typography to find the answer, which the question has never existed.

Visit the website: 10th United Designs Biennial 2021 Online

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