A Study on the Basic Elements of Brand Design based on Brand Identity

Choi, A. Y. (2016). A Study on the Basic Elements of Brand Design based on Brand Identity. Journal of Korean Society of Basic Design & Art, 17-4, 463-475.

Korean Society of Basic Design & Art (KSBDA)


The brand is one of the keywords of the 21st century. All disciplines related to marketing concern about brand importantly. Also, the brand is an essential element required to study in the visual communication design curriculum. The brand strategy can affect the consumers through give them trust and reliability. In the 20th century, visual communication design with the intuitive aesthetic created designs then measured its results, because there are a lack of consumers and goods to choose from and the lack g globalization. Now, we can purchase products and cultures easily and cheaply without moving far distance but shopping at home using technology. In a while, the consumers created one’s self-personality, it leads to subcategorize the consumers. Therefore, visual communication in the 21st century must include brand strategy with measuring and studying the market reaction to create unique and different designs. The designs based on these contents and method is called ‘Brand Design.’ This researcher does not introduce general knowledge of a wide range of brand design, but rather, the researcher emphasized explaining the definition of Brand Design and the essential elements of brand design based on the brand identity and related to the brand. The researcher hopes that linguistic expression, visual expression, brand identity mark categories, and brand touchpoint designs as the essential elements of Brand Design, benefit to visual communication which mainly focused on developing branding.

Keywords: Brand, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Design

Classification of basic elements of the brand design according to brand identity

Study Case References

TerraVida designed by Hornall Anderson
Cabo Wabo designed by Meat & Potatoes
la Spiga designed by Daniele Monti Design

Brand Design Model

Brand Design Book