Event Brand Identity for UDA & Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China


Most wonderful event

This exhibition is more significant than any other international shows that have ever been by the Fine Arts College regarding the scale and the number of designers; 106 designers from 20 countries have participated in this event. The organizers needed an event identity which shows the spirit of Shanghai and Environmental Awareness Posters. 

Event poster (Illustrated the goddess of nature and harmony)


Reflecting triumphant torch

Nature and concrete buildings exist side by side in the city of Shanghai. The location is the economic center of China where the city never stops but continuously changing. The illustration shows the spirit of such an identity: The goddess of nature and harmony visited this event. The event logo structured an arrow and triumphant torch reflecting its 7th successful exhibition. 


The goddess visited

The environmental awareness posters and event identity built energy in the gallery space. When people found the goddess in the poster, they become a part of the exhibition. 

United Designs Alliance

AC Young typeface

Responsibilities: consulting, research, concept, logo design, photography, typography, pattern design, image correction, color correction, layout design, comprehensive design, production design, pre-press, and press-check