NCS Learning Modules (Visual Communication Design) for Vocational Education and Training

Choi, A. Y. (2014)

Supported by National Competency Standards (NCS) and Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training (KRIVET)

What is the NCS Learning Module?

The National Competency Standards (NCS) means that the country standardized the skills (knowledge, technology, and attitude) required to perform its functions successfully at the national level, with the knowledge, expertise, and attitude needed to complete the tasks of the job environment organized by the industrial sector and by the standard.

The NCS refers to the ‘requirements for duty,’ and the NCS Learning Module refers to a ‘teaching and learning material.’ It organized so that the students can learn the NCS by the units of capability in education and training. The NCS Learning Module provides details related to theory and practice so that specific tasks can be learned.

NCS Learning Module has the following characteristics

First, the NCS Learning Module serves as a guideline to provide achievement goals and directions for learning so that the job skills required by the industry can be utilized in training sites.

Second, NCS study modules can be used as standard teaching materials in specialized high schools, meister high school, community colleges, four-year university education institutions, training institutions, and work education institutes, and can also be used to improve the curriculum.

Visual Communication Design Learning Modules

01. Planning (LM08210101_13v1), 133 pages
02. Research (LM08210102_13v1), 99 pages
03. Strategy (LM08210103_13v1), 155 pages
04. Visual Idealization (LM08210104_13v1), 94 pages
05. Development (LM08210105_13v1), 142 pages
06. Presentation (LM08210106_13v1), 98 pages
07. Final Design Development (LM08210107_13v1), 86 pages
08. Production Management (LM08210108_13v1), 92 pages

NCS Learning Module Development Team
Industry: 1 Researcher
Education and Training Institute: 5 Researchers
Research Institute: 4 Researchers

NCS Learning Module Review Team
Industry: 1 Researcher
Education and Training Institute: 3 Researchers

These learning modules can be viewed and downloaded at

Strategy for Visual Communication Design Learning Module

Chief researcher and author: Albert Young Choi
NCS Code: LM08210103_13v1 (for University Level 6)

As a collaborative researcher of NCS Learning Module Development Team, I evaluated the contents of the overall modules for Visual Communication Design, and as a chief researcher and author, I wrote NCS Learning Module #3, Strategy for Visual Communication Design.


Strategy for Visual Communication Design learning module teaches the ability to extract concepts and creative strategies that are appropriate for a requested design project based on information data collected and analyzed through research. Training hours: 15 hours per module


1. Positioning Strategy (LM08210103_13v1.1)

1-1. Design Basic Market Location Analysis
A. Market Research
– Literature Review
– Observation Research
– Focus Group Overview (FGI)
– Survey Method
B. Trend Analysis
C. Consumer/Customer Analysis
D. Market Position

1-2. Design Positioning Strategies
A. Market Segmentation
B. Target Market
C. Positioning Strategy
D. STP Analysis
E. Positioning Map

2. Design Concept (LM08210103_13v1.2)

2-1. Setting the Direction of Design Development
A. SWOT Analysis and Strategy
B. USP Strategy

2-2 Setting Design Concepts
A. Idea-thinking
– Brainstorming
– Alphabet Listing
– Mind Mapping
– Forced Connection
B. Design Concept

3. Creative Strategy (LM08210103_13v1.3)

3-1. Visual Expression of Design
A. Visual Components
– Typeface
– Color
– Typography
– Image
– Pattern
– Texture
B. Visual Expression
– Style
– Contents
C. Touchpoint Design

3-2 Communication Strategies of Design
A. Creative Strategy
– Integrated Design
– Ephemeral Design
B. Creative Brief

Keywords: Planning, Research, Visual Idealization, Prototype, Final Design, Project Management, Data