Re-branding Andrew’s Ties, an Italian Fashion Brand


Italian fashion brand

Andrew’s Ties is an Italian fashion brand and an international franchise brand. They wanted to redesign the brand identity, brand slogan, brand color, and package design to accommodate the new market culture, Korea.

Promotional posters and main photo images for branding


Re-branding the brand

Based on simple and colorful image styles that emphasize product identification and characteristics, I have developed a core brand image of Andrew’s Ties that has attracted Korean consumers. As a brand style, the image style acts as brand identification, recognition, and association.


Korea’s gift culture

It developed into a brand that consumers could present to their loved ones for a special day. Influenced by Korea’s gift culture, it has become an affordable but high-quality luxury gift.

Service Design including shop, interior design, banner sign, store sign, and packages

Brand package designs for single and multi quantity