30th Anniversary Identity Design for College of Design, Hanyang University ERICA Campus, Ansan, Korea


New design boundaries

In the age of creation and fusion, the boundaries of the physical and conceptual domains are rapidly disintegrating, and the world of the future, which cannot survive under existing order, is demanding a new system. Now we have to go beyond the fence of design-firm traditional boundaries and look for new systems of convergence. 


Think outside the box

Design colleges have practiced creativity and practical education over the past 30 years. To express a creative design that always “thinks outside the box,” the number ’30’ is turned clockwise to represent the box and to express the image of developing the identity of the College of Design as an arrow. The pink color symbolizes youth and passion. The event brand identity is used in various promotional materials and events to promote the identity of the College of Design at Hanyang University. 


A new chapter

The event elevated the status of design colleges on campus and started a new relationship with foreign universities. It served as a new starting point for the College of Design. 

Responsibilities: consulting, research, concept, logo, slogan, typography, illustration, information design, layout design, and production design.