Specific Characteristics of Sustainable Design and Ephemera Design as Brand Designs

Choi, A. Y. (2012). Specific Characteristics of Sustainable Design and Ephemera Design as Brand Designs. Journal of the Korean Society of Design Culture, 18-2, 492-502.

Korean Society of Design Culture (KSDC)


‘Brand’ is one of the important keywords in the 21st century. ‘Brand’ is a respective interesting field of study to all disciplines which associate with consumers, and brand strategy is an important element and a required study in the visual communication design and its process. ‘Brand design’ is based on an equal balance between a strategy and visual communication design to influence a brand’s consumers and obtain loyalty and trust from the consumers. Today, evidently brand design in visual communication design is lack of specialization, and it leans toward either visual communication design or marketing. The researcher realizes its necessity. Therefore, this study is not about a general explanation of essential factors and methodologies of brand design, but this study is about establishing the foundation in the brand design discipline. The researcher analyzed long-term transition and short-term transition as the desires of the time, which influence the brand development and the brand sustenance, with visual communication designs in branding suggested by Matthew Healey. The research result is categorizing sustainable design and ephemera design as application designs of brand design strategy and providing its definitions and properties. Furthermore, this study is a foundation for brand design discipline by emphasizing essential brand design strategy elements by classifying visual communication designs as a method for communicating a brand to its consumers. 

Keywords: Brand, Brand Design, Brand Identity Design, Brand Values, Ephemera Design, Sustainable Design

The relationship between brand design and change of periodic needs (A diagram designed by Albert Young Choi)

Brand Design Model