Course Title: Formulating Culture Codes and Brand Design for Branding the 21st Century

Invited by Shanghai Normal University, China
Three-week course: November 23 – December 11, 2020

Course Brief

In this course, the students learn the basic concepts of culture code and brand design by studying the Cultural Code Brand Design (CCBD) methodology. The students developed the CCBD research process, design study, proceeding paper, naming, logotype, package design, promotional videos, touchpoint designs, and final presentation show.

Week 1: Theoretical Background
Week 2: Design Study Process
Week 3: Study Results

Education Objectives

  • To learn the Culture Code and Brand Design (CCBD) Methodology
  • To understand the research process
  • To learn design thinking for branding
  • To understand writing proceedings
  • To learn presentation skills

Project Brief

Culture Code Brand Design Strategy to Expansion in Singapore by your brand, a Chinese snack.
Communication objectives include Strategies, naming, logotype, slogan, design assets, package design, videos, and touchpoint designs.

Important: Provided detailed teaching materials for each session.

Course Methodology Preferences:

Albert Young Choi, Brand Design: Communication Design for Branding, Seoul: Mijinsa (2013) ISBN: 978-89-408-0439-1

Albert Young Choi, Culture Code Brand Design Methodology, Seoul: BookLab (2018) ISBN: 979-11-6299-255-5

Concept of Culture Code

CCBD Formulas

Final CCBD Results

Branding strategy and designs by five outstanding design teams:

I had a wonderful time teaching these bright 15 Chinese students with pride. They learned CCBD, a new design methodology, and pedagogy to understand branding with culture. They were terrific and worked very hard like professionals, even better than professionals. I wish for a brighter future for them. We will continue to keep in touch as a mentor and mentees.

Promotional Video consists of 1-minute and 15-second videos as the following:

1-minute Promotional Video

15-second Promotional Video

Important Note: This CCBD course is an exclusive pedagogy method by Albert Young Choi, Ph.D. All teaching materials are copyrighted and authored by Albert Young Choi. You must not copy or duplicate teaching materials and techniques without permission from the author.