Culture Code Brand Design (CCBD) Model

To position a brand successfully within society, it must gain society’s attention and trust by applying and communicating cultural codes understood and trusted by the target consumers. Ultimately, the process of brand design research is a question of how to create and transmit cultural values that target consumer groups to understand and act. Creating a culture code for a target consumer group is never easy. First of all, brand designers must read General Culture Codes of targets and set up a brand design strategy to gain the attention and trust of target consumers by organizing the formulas of General and Proposed Culture Codes. 

CCBD requires 3 Phases and 9 Elements

Many brands are competing in the global market. And these brands are fiercely competing every day. Even a brand that survives in such fierce competition cannot rest safely. The challenge of a new brand will continue because our memory erases the dying brand.

What saves and kills the brand? The essential role in determining a brand’s lifespan is always given to consumers because consumers buy, use, and spread brands. Therefore, brands should persuade consumers. Consumers should recognize the brand. Therefore, branding must try to imprint the brand on the minds of consumers.

What is possible? They must pay attention to establishing and managing price, distribution, marketing, design, quality, and consumer management to develop a successful brand. To this end, it is researching branding in various fields. When people ask designers what makes a design successful, the designers would say an adage that has been around for a long time in design: “You have to have a nice and stylish design,” “You have to have a concept,” or “design is a problem-solving.” The frequently used adage in the design fields is now too simple. The 21st-century information society actively engages consumers in the market that designers are often challenged to persuade consumers or maintain strong brand loyalty. Within these design and consumer changes, brand design needs a new approach. Therefore, the ‘Culture Code Brand Design’ Methodology aims to show how to develop brand designs that can interact with consumers in the 21st century.

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