Experience Design & Booklet Design, Europe Safety Guideline for College Students, Supported by Korean Governments


Europe travel reality

It is only a large peninsula of the Eurasian continent in geography, but by political, ethnic and linguistic concepts, it is one distinct characteristic. There are so many dangerous factors lurking in the area. The “Europe Safety Guide” booklet is a gift for Korean students traveling to Europe.

Among people visiting Europe, 47.86% of Europe travelers account for ages 21 to 40. The percentage is significantly higher than the 36% proportion of the total age distribution of overseas travelers. In particular, between June and August during the summer vacation for college students, the average number of tourists to Europe is 65,700 per month, 33.89% higher than the average 49,000 a month.

As such, many Koreans travel to Europe, and it is analyzed that they stay for an average of four weeks and travel to more than five countries during vacation. The fact that young people who like to challenge themselves often change their residence for an extended period means that regarding safe travel, there is a possibility of accidents taking place.

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Detailed cover and category tabs

Design system


Friendly helping hand

The purpose of this booklet is to provide examples of local risky situations to help travelers prepare for a safe and pleasant trip to Europe and to provide useful information to help them respond quickly in an accident.

New binding techniques are used to facilitate the discovery and use of valuable information by necessary circumstances. The pages are tabbed to match the categories. The color system is based on familiar pastel colors to highlight and distinguish contents. To increase the image resolution and express feelings of photographic images, the duotone technique is And reflecting individual interviews of college student travelers (most of them said that they write travel journals), the booklet contains various mood activity stickers and flag stickers for marking on their travel diary. 


Stylish image of Korea

College student travelers proudly have used the Europe Safety Guide booklet during their trip. The stylish design of the booklet exposed the image of Korea to the Europeans they encountered. Therefore, the booklet has been part of the national image that Korean travelers have naturally promoted. 

Responsibilities: consulting, research, survey, interviews, design thinking, user experience, concept, information design, photography, typography, patterns, characters, stickers, image correction, color correction, layout design, comprehensive design, production design, pre-press, and press-check.