Institution Catalog for Institute of International Education at Hanyang University ERICA Campus, Ansan, Korea


Living language education

Hanyang University ERICA Institute of International Education, with an educational philosophy of “Living Language and Level-up Education,” currently operates a variety of language and cultural experience programs to educate the next generation of global talent and prepare them for the globalized world of today. In response to a steadily growing number of foreign exchange students, we are operating the ‘New 2L’ Korean Language program as well as various short-term programs, such as cultural awareness classes.


Level-up Education and life

The ERICA IIE is designed as an incubator of talented, globally-minded students around the world. It provides various Korean language and culture programs for ERICA international students and pre-registered students. This catalog informs the critical contents of the campus for high school students from overseas. I surveyed international students and teachers about their experience in the process and campus. The survey results were adopted in the contents and texts. English and Chinese versions were published.


A unique Korean language program

The recruiters, both domestic and overseas, use this catalog to consult students. It helps to understand how the campus can help students to exceed their career. The recruitment rate increased rapidly after distributing and utilizing this catalog.

Responsibilities: consulting, research, concept, some photography, typography, art direction, and layout design.