Design-Based Learning (DBL) is Better than Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for Educating Design Students in the 21St Century

De Future: New Design Education For The Future
International Conference Seminar

Organized By
Haishang Tuzhi Publisher
United Designs Alliance

Peoples Square Center, Shanghai City Xuhui
District Wedind Road No. 258 D1-1, Shanghai, China


Wed, September 27, 2017
14:00~19:00 Opening & Presentations
19:00~22:00 Reception Dinner

Thurs, September 28, 2017
09:30~18:00 Disclosure & Discussions
18:00~19:00 Break
19:00~22:00 Conclusion & Closing

About DeFuture Conference Seminar

The design is a common word in the 21st century, and it is an essential word in technology and culture. To maintain and fortify our design disciplines in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, we as educators need to manifest its new standard and lead it to the apex of the industrial revolution 4.0. Therefore, we gather here to share our ideas to find its direction and collaborate it with the students and professionals.

Event Objectives

– to lead the design education in the Industrial Revolution 4.0
– to formulate an education/practice blueprint for the next 20 years
– to be leaders of the culture and business
– to create a strong relationship in design education & practice between two countries


01) Han Ting, Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University
02) Lou Wenbing, Professor, East China Normal University
03) Sun Liqiang, Professor, Shanghai Institute of Technology
04) Jiang Tao, Chairman of Ellemore
05) Darcy Chang, Designer, CROX International Design Partner
06) Li Xiang, Chairman&CEO&Design Director of Weixiang Architectural Design
07) Zoe Zhang, CEO, Slash Academy
08) Wang Ye, Dr., Shanghai Tongji University
09) Pang Ming, Professor, Shanghai Normal University
10) Sun Xia, Operations Director of Shanghai Shang Shang Culture Communication Co.Ltd
11) Zhao Zhiyong, Professor, Shanghai Normal University

01) Albert Inyoung Choi, Professor, Hanyang University ERICA Campus
02) Park Moogun, Designer, Flying Bus Brand Design Company

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