Designing an Official University Souvenir for Hanyang University


The common method is boring

Hanyang University wanted a high-quality gift to celebrate the spirit of the university with foreign visitors and high donors. Previously, Hanyang University applied the university identity logo on the pre-made souvenirs which are the standard method of producing the university souvenirs. 

Overlapping contents


Visual poetry

When officials asked me to design a souvenir for Hanyang University, I instantly minded the founder of Hanyang University, Dr. Kim Yun-Jun. He is an educator, performance artist, and songwriter. I implemented his famous song “I’d like to live on a green mountain” to my Hangeul-gak printmaking projects and showed in my solo invited exhibition in California. I utilized the fabric attributions, organic and transparent, to display different meanings of the song in overlapping the layers. 


A storytelling device

People are proud to use this handkerchief. It tells the story of Hanyang University and Korean history. People can use this handkerchief as a storytelling device to share the story with others. Its production technique, twelve-color silkscreen on cotton fabric, shows the natural look of the actual printmaking art.  


Responsibilities: consulting, concept, typography, illustration, color, layout design, comprehensive design, packaging, and production design.