A Study on Geometric Forms and Organic Forms with Consisting Visual Image Type

Choi, A. Y. (2017). A Study on Geometric Forms and Organic Forms with Consisting Visual Image Type. Journal of the Korean Society of Design Culture, 23-1, 637-646.

Korean Society of Design Culture (KSDC)


Visual images answer “What is this?”, “Where is it?”, “What is it doing?” The shocking visual image in advertising attracts the viewer‘s attention by utilizing Literal Visual Image with Organic Form. So the Literal Visual Image is a method to implement a trust to the viewers. The Abstract Visual Image communicates complex concepts through simplifying and exaggerating the visual expressions and representations. The Symbolic Visual Image is a visual image like a pictogram that needs to educate the viewers. Also, the different relationships between Visual Image Types conjunction with Organic Form and Geometric Form can influence translating the message of a concept.

The study explores literacy review on many design-related textbooks to find the actual theories for organizing and analyzing Visual Image types, Organic Forms, Geometric Forms, and its meanings. From the Basic Design Elements, the study examined several case studies based on Geometric Form and Organic Form found on the Practical Elements with Representation and Meaning.

From the result, the visual images and the form categories consist of six different groups and its level of intensity determines an appropriate visual image analysis category. Hence, based on a brand category and the function of the communication design, the visual image analysis category, a study of visual image category, and form category can be established. 

Keywords: Form, Geometric Form, Image, Organic Form, Visual Image

Image Analysis of Visual Image Type and Shape/Form Type Matrix (Test object: Fork)