Solo Exhibition at Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, China


Show me the design

Six years after completing the national design standard research, Shanghai Normal University invited me to exhibit the process of my research. The large gallery, spaced about 2,400 square meters, was filled with information about the research and the result. The exhibition was curated by Professor Zhao Zhiyong.


Diversion and conversion

The audience could travel and experience my design with the provided information gallery map. They could read about the detail from the exhibition catalog while looking at the work. This interactive activity generated an experience as a designer. The initial phase emphasized the design diversion process. Then the final phase emphasized the design conversion process. 


First exposure and China

This exhibition is my first solo exhibition that showed my research work, the National Standard Design. My designs and research settled down as a permanent installation and system in Korea. It will last after me and forever with the next generations. I am glad to share my design research with China. It will be recorded as a step in my design journal. 

National Standard Design Research

National Standard Signs Manual

Photography Gallery

Invited Exhibition in China

Responsibilities: consulting, research, concept, photography, typography, illustration, image correction, color correction, layout design, information design, and user experience.