Annual Publication by United Designs Alliance


Multi-purpose publication

UDA publishes an Annual every year to share an Annual UDA Schedule, New Members’ Pages, UDA Members Directory, Our Discipline Now articles, UDA Medallions (permanent collections), Int’l Design Competitions (SSL, Poster, and Idea), UDA Webinars, and Annual Members’ Showcase. 


UDA spirit and its presence

We needed to change. The change was good when we realized that changes exist around our presence. The change means to make something different. Differentiating our identity by differentiating our thinking and activities. Therefore, the change is important for now, and it generates UDA as an important organization. 


A new chapter in the history

Through this publication, UDA records all activities and members and promotes new activities for the next phase of its organizational development.

2019 UDA Annual

2018 UDA Annual

United Designs Alliance

Responsibilities: creative direction, catalog design, photography, copywriting, ‘AC Young’ typeface, typography, image correction, color correction, layout design, comprehensive design, production design, pre-press, and digital publication.