Promotional Poster/Brochure for
College Of Music, University of North Texas


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The College of Music, the University of North Texas is one of the finest comprehensive music schools in the nation. Top music students around the world come to pursue their passion for music here, cultivating their skills in many outstanding academic programs and performance opportunities. The college asked me to design promotional material for high school students.

Image oriented side of the poster/brochure


Duality in harmony

My strategy was to create promotional materials that could be used as a poster and brochure according to how the high school promotes it. One side of the poster expressed emotions around photomontage images that could feel the vital environment of the College of Music, while the other side of the poster incorporated typography and architectural motifs of Margot and Bill Winsper Hall, a famous concert hall at the College of Music. It will be a proud installation on the college bulletin board of high schools. Maybe students might want to have this beautiful poster.


Highly acclaimed music education

Through this promotional poster/brochure, the College of Music communicated the identity of the College of Music where art and theory exist together. The College of Music found the promotional material that they wanted.

Typography oriented side of the poster/brochure

Responsibilities: consulting, research, interviews, concept, logotype, photography, typography, illustration, photomontage, image correction, color correction, layout design, comprehensive design, production design, pre-press, and press-check.