Invited by Icograda and Daegu Design Center

Daegu Design Center
Daegu Convention Center
Daegu, Korea
July 4-10, 2008

Icograda Design Week in Daegu 2008 was held in Daegu, the primary city of southeastern Korea, which reshaped itself as a cultural and economic hub as well as the central design city of Asia. This event brought designers throughout the world together to re-establish the value of the current design.

With its design classes, speeches, and lessons from the world’s highly renowned designers, in-depth conferences and workshops, exclusive exhibitions, and a variety of accompanying events, this was a highly recognized design event that also brought young designers chances to expand their province of design.

Through this event, the role of design, as the core of paradigm alteration for the future throughout a culture, society, and economy, was re-defined and the value of colors was re-established.

Daegu Design Center
Lecture Section 1: Color & Culture
July 7 at 14:00-17:00

My Presentations:
Design Scientist, a Designer for the 21st Century

‘Design Scientist‘ is a new type of designer who treats designs as important elements for the economy, society, and culture of the 21st century. Because the fundamental value of design is communicating visual sensitivities, it has the same logical value and function as communicating a message. Therefore, one must be able to conduct methods to utilize a logical and linguistic intellectual system during the design development phase. The “Design Scientist” is a designer in the 21st century who has those design abilities.

Intermission: 20 min