Building Beautiful Event Identity for Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP)


Design is popular

The Design College Fair, hosted by the Korea Design Promotion Agency, was held at the COEX Convention Hall with national design universities from November 19 to November 23. With the growing impact of the event in the nation, the Korea Design Promotion Agency realized that the event needs a new identity. 

Official event identity and promotion poster
Event logotype


Basic design principles

My strategy was representing the definition of design, and it could effectively be utilized in the event and promotion. The basic design shapes (circles, triangles, and squares) and basic colors (red, blue, and yellow) were used to express the creativity and innovation of design. Also, I designed the logotype and illustration by applying my ‘Hangeul-gak’ methodology. To communicate the purpose of the event, the circles from the logotype and illustration symbolized the students, and they actively involved in the event to find an appropriate design discipline and design college. 


Brilliant mood maker

The event identity was applied throughout the venue to promote and guide the event. Red, the dominant color, created a bright and exciting atmosphere. Basic shapes and colors fabricated throughout the sites. My strategy had shaped the identity of the event. 


Responsibilities: consulting, research, interviews, concept, logotype, typography, illustration, color, layout design, information design, experience design, sign, comprehensive design, templates, and production design.