Book Cover Design for
Simseuldang Publication


New music textbooks

There were many things that Western music history classes need. In the classes, the textbooks were too big or too simple. Also, the books rarely had enough musical notes, and they did not even consider the sounds required. Therefore, Western music history classes were often a nuisance. This condition was unfortunate for both students and professors. These ‘Listening Western Music History’ books were considered an attempt to solve these difficulties. 


Abstract visuals created a meaning

I wanted to express the abstract and emotional quality of Western music. The musical notes and shapes of the five books of ‘Listening Western Musical History’ as a volume are grouped, and the unique characteristics of each book are expressed regarding color, position, number, and shape. Also, you can collect five books and find the word ‘Music’ in an italic serif typeface on the spine of the books. In other words, abstract sounds gathered to create music. 


Best-selling music textbooks

These textbooks have been some of the most popular music textbooks nowadays. I hope that music majors will develop their passion for music through these textbooks. 

Responsibilities: consulting, research, concept, book title, typography, illustration, color, layout design, comprehensive design, prototype, production design, and pre-press.