Exhibition Catalog for
Eighth United Designs Int’l Exhibition
Jeju, Korea


Environmental awareness posters

This catalog includes Environmental Awareness Posters (International Poster Exhibition) from thirty countries and seven honorable UDA Medallions (Permanent Collections). 


The Natural World Heritage Site, Jeju

Jeju Island is a perfect place for our celebration. Jeju is the largest island located south of Korea known as the Natural World Heritage Sites and an international tourist spot. Therefore, the 8th United Designs Jeju 2016 is the symbolic event for Jeju Island and UDA. Also, it is our honor to extend the exhibition at the American University in the Emirates (AUE), Dubai. UDA truly believes that we are connected as one and shared the same life and intellectual values through having exhibitions at two locations.

As a designer, we do best to express our concerns by designing posters. These posters are a personal expression of environmental issues. We see a variety of different visual messages here. Some posters might disturb you, and some might even move your heart. Positively these outstanding posters influence your mind and spirit, about our environment. If just one of these posters changes your thoughts, we believe we did an excellent job of communicating the message and furthermore, we have a successful exhibition. 


Concerns for humanity and culture

The United Designers will continue the journey together to define the United Designs Alliance (UDA) as an influential design organization in the world with concerns for the humanity and the culture because we believe design is about Firmitas, Utilitas, and Venustas.

United Designs Alliance

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