United Designs: Graphic Design Practice and Education
Design Journal and Exhibition Catalog

Edited by Albert Young Choi
Published by United Designs Alliance
First Edition: 2005
Second Edition: 2019


We are in the 21st Century

This book includes thirteen articles from sixteen outstanding educators, two global design firms, and commercial designs from around the world. 


Bridge the gap

Although many publications are dealing with design practice or design pedagogy, this book United Designs: Graphic Design Practice and Education comprehends all about design practice and design pedagogy together. Design practitioners believe that design education is not up-to-date for practical design and design educators think that design practice needs to be improved fittingly to the present status of the society. Some even may say there is a considerable gap between education and practice. From generation to generation, technology and society are changing rapidly, and we find that we need to reduce the difference between generations. As I know, there are many design professionals and design educators working very hard to build a bridge over the gap; at least I believe that all participant s in this book are doing the job. Hence, this book aims to build a bridge between the design profession and design education. The contents of this book will inspire designers and educators according to their own needs. Also, the information in this book is useful for those who are researching graphic design education and the style of the 21st century.


Many influential designers and educators

The graphic design is a collaboration of many specialists such as creative director, art director, designer, typographer, production designer, photographer, illustrator, printer, programmer, marketer, and client. As a successful graphic design project needs that cooperation, this publication required to have the support and help from many influential educators and designers from around the world. As a colleague and friend, I gratefully thank them from my heart. 

The United Designers will continue the journey together to define the United Designs Alliance (UDA) as an influential design organization in the world with concerns for the humanity and the culture because we believe design is about Firmitas, Utilitas, and Venustas.

United Designs Alliance

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