Event Identity for Celebrating Kim Yeonjun’s Last Concert


Symbolic of the pain

Kim Yeonjun (1914-2008) is a Korean vocalist, songwriter, journalist, and educator who was born in Myeongcheon, North Hamgyong Province. In 1938, he founded Dong-A Science Institute, a predecessor of Hanyang University, and Dae-Han and Christian Newspaper. He wrote 1,600 songs.

He wrote the lyrics and melody of ‘I will live among the green hill’ when he was imprisoned for his involvement in the 1973 writing scandal. The song is a symbol of the pain of the world through purification and leaves a strong impression even though it is short-length in preparation for understated expressions and bold and robust way of development. The song was sung by several other vocalists and famous Korean vocalists and also played on several instruments. It was published in a high school music textbook. 

Official event poster


Hearing the visual

Previously, posters promoted Kim Yeonjun’s face. But I was impressed with the emotional value of his music and studied emotional and visual expressions while analyzing lyrics and songs in depth. When I pictured a place from the song, I imagined a scene where there is an endless field of red-purple azalea flowers blooming on the mountain because the concert opened in spring. The flowers were used to express emotions, and azalea symbolized the joys of love, emotions that resonate within Kim Yeonjun’s song. 


Linking arts

Kim Yeonjun praised the poster which expressed his feelings for his last concert. I was glad because I wished Kim Yeonjun would like it more than anyone else. Now, the poster is a permanent collection of the US Library of Congress. 

US Library of Congress

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