The Basic Elements for Developing Creative Design Concept

Choi, A. Y. (2009). The Basic Elements for Developing Creative Design Concept. Journal of Korean Society of Basic Design & Art, 10-2, 498-509.

Korean Society of Basic Design & Art (KSBDA)


The concept is an important design element that delivers a meaning, a message, and the result of the design (a form). The progress of this study searched the design concept’s derivation of words and elements for design concept development to establish the design concept’s fundamental notions. And because the design concept develops from the human brain, the research argument about the necessary elements for generating the creative design concept is based on analyzing the literature from cognition science. The researcher investigated knowledge as a design concept’s essential elements through understanding the classification of knowledge by Brynes and discussed the original process of developing knowledge as an idea by Wallas. Also, applied design problem examples and analyzed the initiative study of Guilford’s study on the “Creativity” and Caroll’s study on the ‘Decision-making’ to initiate the thinking of a creative design concept. The research shows the designer must have enough knowledge of both linguistic and visual knowledge in the first phase of the creative process (Preparation Phase) for understanding the design problem. The designer must develop new knowledge based on combining information from the acquired knowledge and research. The designer takes a rest in the second phase of the creative process (Incubation Phase); and develop ideas utilizing the four methods to obtaining a new knowledge (Declarative Knowledge, Procedural Knowledge, Conceptual Knowledge, and Episodic Knowledge) in the third phase of the creative process (Illumination Phase). This new idea can remain a new knowledge for the designer. In the fourth phase of the creative process (Verification Phase), the designer decides a creative design concept from many possible design ideas utilizing the Decision-making process to accomplishing a unique and differentiated concept. 

Keywords: Concept, Creative Design Concept, Creativity, Design Concept

Creative Design Concepts diagram designed by Albert Young Choi

Conceptor Model

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